Headshots for people who hate having their photo taken.


Who am I?

Hello! I’m Jay – the Headshot Photographer for people who hate having their photo taken (and also for those who love it). I’m based in Dartmouth, NS and proudly serve Halifax, HRM, and beyond. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with many different people from different parts of the arts world.

As a former actor and performer, I’ve spent a lot of time on both sides of the camera and I use that insight and experience to make your personality come alive in your images. And you’ll actually have fun while doing it!

I whole heartedly celebrate the diversity of people I have the pleasure of working with! I strive to create a fun and empowering environment, and welcome people of all age, sex, gender identity, orientation, physical ability, ethnicity and body type.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know how I can help make your session the best experience it can be!

I look forward to speaking with you!

My photo-philosophy

The person in the photo needs to look like the person walking in the room. 
More than that, the personality of the photo needs to scream you!


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Why Headshots?

Surely there are more exciting things to photograph!
Well….sure? Objectively, yes.
So why do I love shooting headshots?  Every session is a journey. I’ve built my life and career on connection. On sharing a moment with someone. On starting here and ending up there. Each time a human steps in front of my camera, another connection is formed. The most common thing I hear from people regarding photography is their fears. Maybe it comes from bad experiences, or maybe a bruises sense of self, or not knowing what to do, or a number of things. But they’ve all made the decision to reach out. To connect. To take this journey with me, and I don’t take that lightly. And in most of these cases, the journey has some ups and downs, some work to do, and generally a lot of laughter. But we take a journey, and we get somewhere together. I know I’m in a unique situation where I get to show someone themselves, in a way that they haven’t seen before. Where I encourage all those quirks and bits of their personality into the image, rather than hide it. And there’s a moment in each session where we both feel it and know we’re arriving somewhere new and cool. One of my favorite parts? After someone has chosen images of themselves that they love, and thank me for the experience. But it’s not because I want the thanks or the compliments or any of that. It’s because I know that they’ve seen themselves in a new light. That they’ve taken a journey and arrived somewhere exciting. So why headshots? Because every time I get to take this journey with someone is an amazing privilege, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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