Headshots for people who think they hate having their photo taken.


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Who am I?

Hello! I’m Jay – a Photographer, and designer based in Dartmouth, NS and proudly serving the HRM (and beyond). I have a lifelong passion for photography that speaks, that inspires, that provokes, that tells a story. I take joy in capturing your special moments, and pride in presenting you with memories you’ll cherish.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with many different people from different parts of the arts world. As a former actor and performer, I’ve spent a lot of time on both sides of the camera and I use that insight and experience to make your shine in your photos.

I look forward to speaking with you!

My photo-philosophy

The person in the photo needs to look like the person walking in the room. 
More than that, the personality of the photo needs to scream you!

Why Headshots?

Headshots are so much more than standing there while someone clicks a button.

They’re vibrant, dynamic glimpses into your personality. Your headshot is your brand, your introduction, and your story, all in one & I believe everyone can have a really great one with the right coach behind the camera.
I know many people hear ‘headshot,’ and their head goes in the sand or the eyes get wide with fear. I’ve made it my goal to change that. To bring back the fun, enjoyment, and empowerment that comes with owning it in front of the camera!
Stunning headshots. Timeless portraits. Let’s make your image shine. I take the fear out of photos and put your personality in.


I’m Ready For My Closeup!

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